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Defender of Ukraine Day 2020

DB Best has held a vivid event with fiery activities to honor the Defender of Ukraine Day. Our brave men attended an exciting paintball match in a local park.

Winter corporate party 2020

DB Best hosted an epic winter corporate party at the Victory Concert Hall. Check out the photos for an inside look at the brightest moments of the party.

PRO_CLOUD meetup 2019

DB Best held the PRO_CLOUD meetup 2019 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This event brought together IT cloud professionals, developers, and data experts. Our inspiring speakers shared their hands-on experience with cloud platforms and services.

Summer corporate party 2019

DB Best hosted a massive summer corporate party in the Arkada Beach club. See the pictures capturing the brightest moments of the event.

IoT Hackathon

DB Best hosted an IoT Hackathon aiming to find the best way to make corporate life easier using Amazon Echo Dot Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker. Check out the brightest pictures from the DB Best IoT Hackathon to feel the unique atmosphere of this event.