IoT Hackathon

DB Best IoT Hackathon

DB Best hosted an IoT Hackathon with the sole goal of finding the best way to make corporate life easier using Amazon Alexa. The event brought together our best developers from various departments. After they grouped in teams, we provided them with an Amazon Echo Dot Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker. Each team had to find the best way to address the common problems of modern workplaces using this device.

In the end, Smart Meeting Logger won in a tight competition. This solution utilizes the Amazon Alexa cloud service to help users seamlessly log all meetings. However, we are pretty sure that all developers, who took part in this event, ended up on the winning side. They improved technical skills and dramatically raised the speed of delivery.

Check out the brightest pictures from the DB Best IoT Hackathon to feel the unique atmosphere of this event.

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