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Become a C# Desktop Developer

  • Looking for a C# Trainee

    DB Best is starting a free internship program for future C# .NET desktop developers. This is the opportunity for you to become a Junior C# developer in 3 months.

    Within this internship program, you will gain hands-on experience creating desktop applications with 3rd party integrations, building games apps, as well as experience in database set-up, and management.

  • Big company with high standards

    DB Best is a global full-service company, operating at the cutting edge of the latest cloud technologies. Since 2002, DB Best helps customers manage their data and applications, as well as create quality software products from scratch.

    We build solutions for the world’s biggest names, like Microsoft and Amazon companies. That is why we know everything about polishing the software to perfection.

  • .NET experience

  • C# training

  • Clean code

Feel the unique atmosphere

  • Talented colleagues

  • Good vibes

  • Reach your goals

  • Industry leading partners
    DB Best is the certified partner of Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and IBM. So, we have hands-on experience with working on various world-class projects. Our expertise covers developing products for Microsoft and Amazon. So, we know it all about meeting the highest industry standards and requirements.
  • Real projects with top-tier customers
    At DB Best, you will have a chance to work with the projects for the world’s most important companies. So, from the very beginning, you will be able to change the world for the better. In addition to that, we have a handful of in-house products like DBMSys or Database Compare Suite, where you can improve your development skills.
  • Friendly teams
    The DB Best team includes over 450 highly qualified experts and certified professionals with the highest level of knowledge available in the industry. Our top-tier engineers, developers, and experts are ready to share their experience with you! Discover the passion of our most talented mentors and feel the good vibes in our office!

Experienced mentor in charge

Rustam Ramazanov
.NET Development Lead at DB Best

Rustam has been working at DB Best for over 7 years by now, and he’s played the key part in development and upgrade of the main products of the company, like DB Best Migration Platform, and Database Compare Suite. Also, Rustam is in charge for several migration projects at DB Best, and responsible for managing a development team.

Our mentor for the C# desktop trainee program will share his experience with creating solutions for the industry-leading IT companies and enterprise-level service providers. Within the internship course, you will get to know how to implement the best development practices, and meet the process requirements for huge multilayered projects.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Unit Testing
Regular Expressions

8 steps to the dream job


Create the CV

Your IT career starts at this very point. Regardless, whether you have hands-on experience with programming or just studied it at the University, be sure to share your skills in the CV.


Apply for the internship

Send in your CV to DB Best. Our recruiting managers carefully look through the submitted CVs every day. They will contact you shortly and invite for a job interview with your mentor.


Meet your mentor

For every internship program, we at DB Best have a very special mentor. At the initial job interview, you will prove your skills and talk about the internship program details directly with your mentor.


Join the Students team

Then you start the internship program. You join the team of other students, who are studying hard here at DB Best. We provide you with powerful work equipment, free snacks, hot drinks, and challenging tasks.


Complete your first project

Grow your skills by developing your very first project in the pre-production environment. You mail fail once or even twice at this point. However, failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.


Challenge yourself

Try to exceed yourself and break free from the studenthood. We know this is a difficult but at the same time a very important step. We’ve all gone through this and we will be happy to support your career development.


Get the job offer at DB Best

Job offer is an expected and logical continuation of the DB Best internship program. Currently, you are ready to work on commercial-grade projects. And we are ready to welcome you to the massive DB Best family.


Join us for commercial projects

Start your very first production project and deliver it to perfection. Grow your career in a major international IT company and work with such customers as Microsoft, Amazon, and Getty Images.

C# desktop internship gains for the trainee

Our big goal for this internship program is to grow a C# .NET desktop developer with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Confidence with C#, .NET, and the principles of OOP
  • Acquaintance with multithreading, regular expressions, XML
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in desktop development in .NET
  • Practical experience with database management using ADO.NET technology
  • Unit Testing knowledge and experience including parameterized tests

To polish the knowledge obtained, at the end of the program, you will build several applications adapting the best practices and approaches of the DB Best company.

Useful references and links to get started

In this block, Rustam would like to share with you the list of books and articles that he finds useful and recommends to study to everyone willing to work with .NET.

If you want to get ready for the interview or refresh your knowledge, take a look at the RSDN coding style article.

And, check the resources listed below. For your convenience, we’ll provide you with the titles in Russian.

  • Show more references
    • Джеффри Рихтер. CLR via C#. Программирование на платформе Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 на языке C#. 4-е изд.
    • Эндрю Троелсен. Язык программирования C# 5.0 и платформа .NET 4.0
    • Роберт Мартин. Чистый код.Роберт Мартин. Чистый код
    • Э. Гамма, Р. Хелм, Р. Джонсон, Дж. Влиссидес. Приемы объектно-ориентированного проектирования. Паттерны проектирования
    • Мэтью Мак-Дональд. WPF: Windows Presentation Foundation в .NET 4.0 с примерами на C# 2010 для профессионалов
    • Гради Буч, Роберт А. Максимчук. Объектно-ориентированный анализ и проектирование с примерами приложений
    • Дэвид Сеппа. Программирование на Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0. Мастер-класс
    • Джеффри Фридл. Регулярные выражения
    • Роберт Виейра. Программирование баз данных MS SQL Server 2005. Базовый курс
    • Р. Гринвальд, Р. Стаковьяк, Дж. Стерн. Oracle 11g. Основы


    In addition to that, please check the following links:

Questions and answers

Learn more about the experience of our internship graduates.

  • Internship duration
  • Study program
  • Unique experience
  • Inspiring mentor
  • Join us!

You can do it!

DB Best is looking for a C# desktop trainee with basic programming background or strong mathematical skills. Apply for the DB Best internship program to start your career in one of the major international IT companies.

The following skills and experienced will be a must when applying for the C# desktop trainee position:

  • 01

    Basic programming concepts knowledge: algorithms, data structures.

  • 02

    Practical skills of programming using .Net Framework and C#.

  • 03

    General understanding of the object-oriented programming approach and modeling.

  • 04

    Knowledge of the basic database management principles.

  • 05

    Basic knowledge of English, ability to understand project-related materials.

What we offer

The DB Best .NET internship program is carried out over a three months period. You will enjoy an individual approach from your mentor and flexible hours.

Within the C# desktop trainee internship program, you will have a truly unique opportunity for practice with our senior experts. You’ll have a chance to deepen your .NET knowledge, achieve hands-on development experience, and get a strong basis for your future as a software engineer.

After the course, you will be ready to pass the final interview with our technical leads, and take the position of a C# Desktop developer at DB Best. By the way, we are proud to have close to a 100 % conversion rate from our internship programs.


  • Friendly teams, experienced colleagues.

  • Powerful work equipment.

  • Individual schedule, flexible hours.

  • Modern technologies stack.

  • Free snacks and hot drinks.

  • Great opportunities for career growth.

  • Modern office in the city center of Kharkiv.

  • Great company vibes.

Dreams come true

Alexandra Stadnik
Java developer, Team Lead
Mykhailo Kmet
.NET Developer
Artem Lavrov
Android Developer

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